Coach Mangino: Halftime Blog

Don’t have much time.

Down 7pts at Halftime and my waist is down 8 sizes.  You have no idea how freaking hot it is in a track suit when its 90 degrees.  What the hell kind of fashion majors do we have in Kansas?  Was corduroy unavailable?  The zipper accentuates my neck fat.  Oh well.

We really have to come out strong in the 2nd half.  OU can’t run on us at all.  I’m thinking we run the ball down their throats and end this one early.  Not that it matters.  Have you seen the restaurant selection in Norman?  Its basically TGIF or the truck stop on the interstate.  They do have $18.99  24 oz T-bone steaks and porn.  It’s a long drive back to Kansas.

We’ll folks.  Halftime is about over.  I just did a number on the locker room toliet.  We’ll see what type of plumbers this school can produce because this one has a hell of a clog.  Barry Switzer can stick his hand down there.  Screw him.


Eat Like A Champion,



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