David Ortiz End Of Season Blog

Well it was a long series and I have to admit I am glad that its ober. Francona has been boosting my balls to keep my weight under 400s lbs. This ob course is for my own safety as being too fat, I have had the ball drone at me numberous times when I wore green because dey dought I was de green monster. No more worries about running bases, keeping my shirt tucked in or running up a $600 a night tab at the Bo Sox Big Burger stand. Well there is always next jear hopefully we can win de World Series that is the only way that my ice cream cake bonus will kick-in.


4 Responses to “David Ortiz End Of Season Blog”

  1. fail

  2. yeah, wow, fail.

  3. epic fail
    go make yourself an hero

  4. Not a fail.

    This is a win!

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