Things Fat People Hate: Wade Phillips

This breaks my heart.  I mean he’s one of us.  He was once in the back of my weight watchers meeting.   I have also checked out behind him at the JC Penney’s big man’s clothing register.  I know Wade Phillips.  But Wade, you just got your ass whipped by the freaking Rams.  I’m sick of you running around on the sidelines clapping and throwing your arms up like Bob Barker just told you to Come On Down.  You are not a contestant on the Price Is Right.  You are the coach of the Dallas Cowboys.  I hate you daintly dropping the challange flag after dangling it between your fat fingers.  Throw it Down like a man.  This is not acceptable.  You are not acceptable.  The Rams Wade the Rams. Damn you Wade.  I had faith in you man.


4 Responses to “Things Fat People Hate: Wade Phillips”

  1. "Dude, they played the Rams!!!" Says:

    Still laughin’ Pacman?

  2. braintrust3 Says:

    Pacman’s punching strippers right now. He’s still laughin.

  3. Nothing wrong with being a homer about your team. I’m just being realistic with mine. Looks like if things continue on their downward spiral in Dallas then Wade Philip’s days might be up.

  4. braintrust3 Says:

    We are huge homers here. The reality hit a little with the Zona and then like a mack truck with your Rams. Your Rams have as much talent as any team we’ve played. Just got to get the most out of it which Haslet will do.

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