Things Fat People Hate: Wheel of Fortune

Well I just got back from my tryout for Wheel of Fortune and it makes me realize how much I hate that show. As a portly African American woman I know my fuckin rights and I think they are racist against fat people. Why is that everytime I would spin the wheel Pat Sajak’s punk ass would keep coaxing me into saying “F”, the bad thing was that the letter was already picked three damn times.  Plus when Pat would walk around he was always hugging on the skinny bitches, when I tried to get some of that sweet white meat he was always two arms length from me. Damn racist saying they kicked me off because whenever they would call for the contestant in the blue I would yell out a letter but when they called for the contestant in the yellow I yelled out a letter too. Bitch I am in the yellow and the blue so I don’t see no problem.


2 Responses to “Things Fat People Hate: Wheel of Fortune”

  1. Mike Vlandis Says:

    LMAO, bitch I am the yellow and the blue. WHAT a FAT FUCK!

  2. Racist against fat people? There needs to be a new term. Perhaps “fatist.”

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