World Series Preview

The World Series begins!  This is a time that we can celebrate the wonderful game of baseball and the fact that we aren’t French. This world series will
feature the Philadelphia Phillies versus the Tampa Bay Rays.  Before you
stop reading, I realize that no one cares about this shitty world
series, how could you?  So I’m going to focus on the big man preview for
my husky brothers and sisters.  If you are a Tampa Bay Ray fan, you’re a
liar, but when you get to the game you can partake in some Cuban fare at
the “Columbian Restaurant”.  So I guess you can have some cole slaw or
some shit like that. I have no idea what Cuban food is but as a good
American I have a trade embargo on it…unless they serve Freedom Fries.
Now if you are lucky enough to see a game at Citizens Bank Park, you
will be able to enjoy maybe the greatest concession stand ever….Planet
Hoagie.  Sweet Baby Jesus, if I die and have the option of relocating
somewhere other than Earth, please send me to Planet Hoagie.  The
downside of course is that you have to sit with the dipshit Philly fans
that want to drink to forget they are from Philadelphia then throw
batteries at you.  Clearly everyone is a loser in this World Series.


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