Tha Rams Dude. We lost to the Rams

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Thank you Ram’s, Rams’ or is it Rams?  I don’t know and until Sunday didn’t care.  You have ruined my week.  For what 2 wins maybe 3.  I think you won a Super Bowl with that grocery checker Qbing your team a few years ago.  Just be happy with that and leave me alone.  We lost to Zona and the Rams in back to back weeks.  Is there a treatment center for this?  I’ve blogged about strippers and halloween costumes and I’m still depressed.   The Rams fans were nice even though I’m not sure I’ve ever met a Rams fan.  I think most of them are in LA and not St. Louis.  They are just really high with the good weed and not aware the team moved 20 years ago.  Don’t tell them.  They are driving around in SoCal looking for the Edward Jones dome.  No, I can’t really hate Rams fan.  Or Can I? Kurt Warner maybe?  Somebody has to pay for this.  Settled. Kurt Warner its going to be you.  If my grocery checker wasn’t replaced by a self scanner, I’d shoe him in the ass right now because of you Kurt Warner.  I was prepared to focus my hate tonight with a 2000 word blog on AC Slater.  That douchebag will have to wait for his.  I’m dedicating my season of hate to you Warner.  Be ready.


14 Responses to “Tha Rams Dude. We lost to the Rams”

  1. Yes, there are still alot of Rams fans here in L.A. The team may have moved, but not my loyalties. However, I have been to St. Louis and watched a game at the Ed Jones dome. I met a couple of really cool Rams fans that were sitting next to me. Yeah, we’re a good group…we’re definitely not Raiders fans. 😆

    Aw, and how are you going to come at Warner like that? I still have much love for Warner and the great years he gave us during ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’. It’s good to see him doing so well. Unfortunately, though, it’s for a division team!

    Hope your not so sad for so long. If it makes you feel better it was hilarious watching T.O. pout like a little girl…wait, that makes me feel better. Nevermind. 😉

  2. Ever since we started this blog 5 days ago, we have been looking for an Official West Cost St. Louis Rams Correspondent. We are reviewing applications as we speak so the pouting remarks are not getting you closer to the job.

    I really respect the loyalty to the team. I can relate because next year we are moving from Texas Stadium in Irving, TX to Jerry Jones Stadium in Arlington, TX. Its about a 12 mile move so I understand what you went through with the relocation. The team will have moved but just like you, my loyalties will remain with the Cowboys.

    Tell me if I’m wrong. I will bet my you my dog that you at one point in your life had an Eric Dickerson poster with the goggles/jericurl and a huge crush on Jim Everett that sadly ended 3 months ago.

    I agree. It is actually really hard to hate Kurt Warner. Notice how i didn’t crackback on the wife. He did beat us two weeks ago which I think started the downfall. I’m going to have to focus my hate elsewhere on somebody or something until we win. Any suggestions?

    Finally, You can point the finger at him and if you do that. Its really unfair. We lost as a team. Its really unfair. Its unfair man. Thats my receiver man. That’s my receiver. Leave Terrell alone . Leave him alone. We lost as a team. That’s my receiver man.

  3. Damnit! I knew my pouting remark would get me into trouble somehow! However, I don’t think I would be the best correspondent as I spend a lot of my time in a drunken stooper. And when that happens I end up making out with Joe Namath.

    Yep, I’m loyal to my team always. They can suck now, but they sucked in the 90’s too. So, it’s not a new feeling, but it hurts just the same.

    No Dickerson poster. I like the older guys so I had a Deacon poster. God, how I wanted a Deacon slap across my face!

    Warner is just too freaking nice of a guy to hate. As for his son wife, she’s apparently doing better at keeping her mouth shut than the time when he was in St. Louis. I suggest you focus your hate on Jessica Simpson…she has to have something to do with this downward spiral…and the war in Iraq.

    The last paragraph just cracked me up. And God knows it’s hard for me to laugh and type at the same time. Sheesh.

  4. Wow, I think that just got you the job without having to go through the talent or swimsuit portion of the interview. Your first post is going to be due game time for the Rams/Patriot matchup. Your assignment is a full review of the Bill Bellichick sex tape. I kinda think the evil bastard put that rumor out himself just to block peoples minds on the spygate thing. But that is what we will need from the West Coast Rams Bureau. So it now maybe a good time to hit the Vodka.

    I guess you get my dog so I’ll ship him your way. Its not everyday you hear a girl wish for a good old fashioned Deacon Jones headslap. I get request from girls all the time to give them a good old fashioned throw out the 2nd floor window like Jim Brown used to do in his prime but not the Deacon.

    I have so much hate for Jessica Simpson. She has destroyed everything dear to me. First she broke up 98 degrees. Then, that idiot ruined Dukes of Hazzard with her headbobbling and I’m not prepared to say what she’s doing to the Cowboys. I could go on but I really think she’s legit retarded and will regret what I say later. I hate her father worse. Its pretty sad day when OJ is my favorite Simpson. I’m getting all riled up again.

  5. I will never be able to sober up enough to get your post completed, but I’ll still have business cards made up to say “West Coast Rams Bureau”.

    I figured, Deacon slap…donkey punch…same difference. But I may have to try the Jim Brown. That sounds like good times all around!

    Yeah, I don’t even want to get into the Jessica Simpson fiasco.

    Thanks for the laughs. You have officially been blogrollificated.

  6. You’ll have to help me on blogrollificated. I’m new to the geekstuff.

  7. You’ve been added to the list of blogs on my blog’s front page. If you click my name to get to my blog and look to the right of the page, you’ll see your blog listed under my “fan club”.

    So, when someone comes by to read my crap they can check out the crap I read.

  8. I get it. Now explain donkey punch for our readers.

  9. I’ll just let them google it instead.

  10. Your name isn’t hotlinking by the way. I’m not sure if its you or us. You just missed out on about 800k views.

  11. Clearly it’s you because everything I do is perfection.

    This is my blog.

    I better get my 800k views now.

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