I freaking hate Wendy’s.  I’ll admit that the baconater commercial somewhat arouses me which in turn makes it very uncomfortable with that stupid red headed girl staring back at me.  But I can fight through that.  I actually have two problems with Wendy’s.

1)  This is simple.  You have your single, double and triple hamburgers.  Only Liquid Plummr’s marketing dept would be stupid enough to stop at 3rd base?  Its America.  Its Baseball.  Babe Ruth.  Nobody gives a shit about triples Wendy.  Look around.  Maybe people want a Home Run. God forbid they’d like to be treated like a human and order a Grand Slam.  Wendy, I don’t want a smart assed high school dropout telling me to just order 4 singles or 2 doubles or 3 triples and a single.  Why should I have to make your idiot checker use a calculator just to put four patties on my hamburger.  Its one more patty Wendy.  Fix it.

2.  Stop asking me why when I request a medium drink cup just to use your ketchup dispenser.  I’m not spending 30 minutes pumping catchup into 200 thimbles.  I ordered 3 large fries to go with my 3 singles, 1 double, 2 triples and frosty.  I shouldn’t have to pump that damn dispenser until my arm goes numb the same way it does when I sneeze twice in a row.  This isn’t a strong man competition.  I’m not airing up the good year blimp.  I’m just doing what my doctor says and trying to get my servings of vegetables.  Just put a ketchup bottle on the table like the fine Steak Restaurants do in Kentucky.  Its that simple Wendy.   Not that hard.


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