Sanjeep, We have a problem

India has now entered the space race and at this rate should be on the moon in 45 years.  Normally, I would make jokes about such things as Curry flavored Tang and the fact that they can put a man on the moon but can’t eat a Baconator.  However, I’m better than that so I’m not going to make those jokes.  India to the moon is a good thing especially if this mission somehow results in higher quality fireworks.

My anger today is focused on the one small step for man that involved putting a new version of Adobe Acrobat on my computer.  It took India 40 years to find the moon and it took their Tech Support 3 hours to hook Adobe up on my computer.  Not that giant of a leap for mankind there my friend.  Hey, don’t get in a hurry.  Granted he is not going to be manning mission control anytime soon.  But if there is any justice, Rocket Man is going to have to go through 25 teleprompts just to be transferred to Bangalore and then put on hold for two hours.


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