All Is Right With The World

I apologize Wade.  As Roscoe P. Coltrane would say, you are my little fat buddy.  It may have been uglier than Maggie Gyllenhall on an Imax screen but we won.  This is without Romo, Whitten, Felix, Newman, Pac, Henry, that fat guard, and Roy Williams.  Wade’s defense held TB to no Td’s and 9 points only one week after giving up 34 to a team last week.  We are back in it now with the Giants next week and then the bye.  Life is good.


4 Responses to “All Is Right With The World”

  1. after giving up 34 to a team last week.

    The Rams. Just say it. You’ll feel better once you accept it.

  2. To be honest I can’t remember who we played last week. I had a busy weekend last week and I’m not sure if I watched the game.

  3. Sorry DC my cable was out so ….. if i didn’t see it, it didn’t happen!

  4. No i think we played the Cardinals last week because they kept showing that maid from the brady bunch in the stands every time that grocery checker completed a pass.

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