Larry Johnson-Ladies Man

When we designed this blog, we did not intend on doling out relationship advice.  However, after reading that Larry Johnson of the Chiefs just got busted for the fourth domestic violence charge in five years and second this year, we are going to make the exception for the ladies of Kansas City.

Larry, instead of spitting a drink on a young lady and then threatening to kill her boyfriend, try sending a nice flower arrangement.  Before you shove a girl down on the dance floor, maybe just talk to her and listen to her needs.  You should not beat your girlfriend and threaten her with a hand gun.  It is not becoming of a gentleman.  You sound like a man of few words so go with Hallmark, which has cards for all occasions.  The $19 million contract you signed with the Kansas City Chiefs means that you will always be loser on the field.  Don’t be a loser with the prison bitches.

Update: Larry Johnson nominated for 2008 Fighter of the Year.


4 Responses to “Larry Johnson-Ladies Man”

  1. Nothing says “I love you” like a good pistol whip.

  2. I was trying to give back to the ladies. Didn’t you call me sexist yesterday?

  3. I’m fickle like that.

  4. you are so fat 500000 times that fatness on me you fatty

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