Barack Stompin On His Airl Force One


We are not a political blog by any stretch.  You knock off one liquor store and Whitey says we can’t vote anymore.  I hate long lines and scantrons anyway.  Today, we are the first blog to declare Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States.  If you would had told me 10 years ago, that John McCain would lose to a guy by the name of Barack Obama, I would have assumed that you were talking about a Kenyan Sprinter in the Senior Olympics not a Senator from Illinois for President.  So this Bud’s for you Barack.  You earned it and we wish you well over the next four years.  Just keep your damn hands out of my wallet and we cool.


One Response to “Barack Stompin On His Airl Force One”

  1. doublebacon Says:

    Holy jesus, what myself, 12 oz. of Jimmy Dean, and a gallon of hot fudge could do to that victim.

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