We would like to thank Youtube sensation Kige Ramsey for this public service announcement about the dangers of Anorexic.  It is never too early to be tested for Anorexic.  Normally, you can simply step on the scale and if you see two digits then you should see your doctor.  Prevention is the key.  We recommend for you to avoid Souper Salads, Mosquitoes, Subway, and having unprotected sex with Nicole Richey.  If you feel that you may have contracted Anorexic, you should go to Wendy’s and see if this helps.  Sometimes eating a Baconator and Vitamin C will get rid of Anorexic.

The more you know….


4 Responses to “Anorexic”

  1. Another example that knowledge is power! LOL!

  2. I’m lucky I only got the Bulimic.

  3. I thought I had the Bulimic once but it was a stomach virus.

  4. all of yo people posting rude ass shit on this site are ignorant assholes, dont judge people till you have walked in their shoes

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