Cookie Cakes


Is there anything better than the cookie cake?  Not only does it combine my two favorite food groups, the cookie group and the cake group, but it comes in a pizza box.  This also can be used in place of a greeting card.  Your girl friend caught Anorexic?  Your friends at Mrs. Fields can write “Eat Me You Skinny Bitch” right across the top.  Her Anorexic will go away in no time.  Herpes?  Nobody likes Herpes but you send a cookie cake and it will take the sting out so to speak.  You may want to spend more than 15 bucks next time on your “girlfriend”.


6 Responses to “Cookie Cakes”

  1. I’ll make sure to get a cookie cake to celebrate the day they put in moving walkways at the buffets.

  2. your all fat

  3. your all fat !!


  5. I think your using the wrong your. I think your using the wrong your!! YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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