Gangsta Fashions

You know it is hard our there for a pimp and it is hard keeping up with the latest in gang fashions.  The hip-hop culture is always changing and because of my 9 to 5 job, I have only the weekends to roll with my set, the Rollin 60s Crips.  One week you are wearing a Randy Moss jersey.  The next week it is an Oakland Raider winter coat and toboggan, which gets very hot in the Compton summers.  Last week, I went with an oversized shirt with Scooby Doo air brushed on it.  This look was unbecoming of a gangsta.  We just cannot get organized.  I am trying to get our crew to go with a nice pair of Khaki shorts and a teal polo shirt but as you can see, everybody wants to do their own thing.  I plan on voicing my concern at our next meeting.  I hope we will put this to a vote and come to a general consensus.  Oh well, today was a good day because I did not have to use my AK.



2 Responses to “Gangsta Fashions”

  1. Susan G. Komen Says:

    I am so proud of my gangstas!!!! Keep supporting the fight against breast cancer by wearing pink!!!

  2. I admittedly am a little late on this comment, but I feel it necessary to point out that the pink Scooby Doo is actually the Pink Panther.

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