Mortgage Crisis


By now, everybody is familiar with the mortgage crisis.  That old crackhouse you bought for 400k is now worth less than the eightball you used to buy from the previous owners last year.  What do you do?  File bankruptcy?  Get a second job?  Renegotiate your mortgage? How about be a man for once in your life.  Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions.  We are not suggesting that you should burn your house down even though gas is $1.89 a gallon.  We are also not suggesting you move your house to California and let the “forest fires” take care of it for you.  If you happen to like your tater tots extra crispy, just step outside and let the fry daddy do work.  Problem solved.

(For legal purposes, we recommend you pay your damn bills and do not commit arson or insurance fraud)


3 Responses to “Mortgage Crisis”

  1. I guess this is what’s happening here in Cali. Except I’m now dying of smoke inhalation.

  2. doublebacon Says:

    Genius idea…

  3. That little girl’s nefarious smile is brilliant!

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