World’s Best Ass


The French have finally contributed something positive to the world with last weeks World’s Best Ass competition.  Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak, a 21 year old Brazilian, took home this year’s title and 15,000 Euros.  The French would not be French if they did not include guys in this competition.  Luckily for you, I will not mention this any further.  Let’s get back to this Brazilian’s ass.  We salute you Ms. Fronckowiakfor your bravery and nice ass.  We wish you luck as you turn your title into appearances at lowrider car shows.  Don’t limit yourself.  You also have the potential to be a ring card girl at cockfights or maybe work the drivethru at McDonalds.  We look forward to not understanding a word that you say on the next Univision telenovela.

It just so happens that we are going to hold the American version of the World’s Greatest Ass.  If you think your ass is as good or better than of that chica pictured above, send us a picture or youtube clip.  I will offer a grand prize of $15 which is about the same as 20,000 Euros.  Don’t hurt your brain on math or exchange rates.  That is way too hard.  Trust me.  I have done the math.  The competition is now officially open.

World Best Stripper (Click Here)


8 Responses to “World’s Best Ass”

  1. lenfirewood Says:

    Wow – my grin was nearly as wide as hers when I saw her ass(et)! 🙂

  2. When I first read this I figured I had the win in the bag. Then I realized by ‘ass’ you meant the gluteus maximus not one’s character. Damn.

  3. Don’t say that cause you still have a chance. I’m only going to deduct 1 point for bruises.

  4. […] If you are now upset and angry, please view this post of the Worlds Greatest ass or this post about Megan Fox.  You will be happier.  Have a nice day. Possibly related posts: […]

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’m still not convinced. Can the contestants please remove their panties so I can clearly see the area of judgment?

  6. Angela Corbitt Says:

    Fantastic! I’m sure my husband will agree. I’m forwarding this to him right now!

  7. Well, french people despise you too very much. Au revoir.

  8. I’m brazillian and a few months ago she was acting in a telenovela called “Rebelde”.
    OBS: I hadn’t any ideia of the meaning of “Univision”, because we speak portuguese. I can’t understand why people are so dumb to the point they think brazilians speak spanish. Fuck ignorance.

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