Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


I’m not sure what look Adriana Lima is going for but guess what?  It works for her.  I have told her countless times not to go to that much trouble for me but we have a bit of a language barrier.  I just hate her having to take an hour to get into that but who am I to complain.  This does not mean that it is going to work for the housewife in Nebraska.  Just keep it simple honey.  No need to dress up like Chief Wahoo McDaniel to get your old man worked up.  You can go to page 2 and get something in Cornhusker red.  If you need the feathers and angel wings, he may not be into you or any other women.  I’m not sure when Siegfried and Roy started designing women’s lingerie but it’s not that difficult to put Marisa Miller into something skimpy.  We are not that complicated.


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