The Bachelor:Pro Bass Fisherman

Reality Show Arrest

I honestly have no idea who this is other than the fact that she is drunk, hot and in a Del Rio, Texas jail.  Not bad.  Who is she?  My research staff tells me it is Mary Delgado who was in the reality show The Bachelor. (She is 41by the way)  Her prize for winning The Bachelor was professional bass fisherman Bryon Velvick.  Wow what a catch!  A professional bass fisherman!   No wonder why she’s a drunken mess.  Even professional bowlers and rodeo clowns look down on professional bass fisherman.  Poor dude probably clears about 13k a year and comes home smelling like fish every day.

Ladies, this is how you end up in a jail in Del Rio, Texas.  You win Long John Silver on a reality show and he drags you to a lake to root him on while he spends 8 hours fishing.  I don’t blame her for knocking a few back to ease her pain.  But how drunk do you have to be to offend degenerates in a border town bar?  Mary, you are better than that.  I have $50 in bail money and a bus ticket that I’m sending your way.  Congratulations.  You earned it.


3 Responses to “The Bachelor:Pro Bass Fisherman”

  1. Great post! Long John Silver– I love it!!

  2. She should just have gotten piss drunk on the lake since she comes equipped with her own flotation devices she’d be okay.

  3. best part?
    She went to jail last year for punching Bryon Velvick in the face.
    worst part?
    The face that i googled this information at 12:45 in the morning instead of sleeping.

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