PETA and Fur



Nobody cares about fur Peta.  The only people who wear fur are pimps, rappers, Aretha Franklin, rich old white ladies and Lindsey Lohan.  That is about 25 people out of 3 billion.  Can you focus your hunger anger somewhere else?  It is not like Target has a fur coat section right next to the patio furniture department.  The fact is you have to be either super rich or a varmint hunter to wear fur.  Who is Lindsay Lohan hurting?  Maybe half of a chinchilla at the most gives it up for her skinny ass.  Peta gets even by throwing a bag of flour on her.  That is just mean.  Poor Lindsay’s cocaine nose has been twitching like the Bewitched lady for the last week because of you.  I wish that little boy she hangs with had put his foot up your ass.  Just mind your damn business and eat something.

Why do I care?  I really don’t.  I’m actually on Peta’s side in that Lindsey should not wear so much clothing in the first place.  I do not wear fur mainly because there are not enough rats in Harlem to outfit me in a coat.  If you really care about these animals, go after your neighborhood pimp.  Throw flour in his face.  Go after Snoop or the surviving members of WuTang.  See what happens to you when Snoop busts out his pimp hand.  I just want you to quit crying every time I eat brunch and stay away from my family sized bucket of chicken.  Unlike that little boy, I will put my foot up your ass.


4 Responses to “PETA and Fur”

  1. This cracks me up. I actually want to like PETA, I do…but they’re so over the top with their hatred that I can’t. They’ve kicked themselves in the ass with their ridiculous stunts, and to real animal lovers like me, they’ve become a freaking joke.

    Oh, and great site.

  2. You don’t have to be rich to wear fur, but it does help to be employed. Many furriers have lay-away options for the middle-class shopper.

  3. Fur is such an easy target. Most people can’t afford to wear it. Yes, a middle class person could afford a fur coat on layaway but most don’t choose to do so anymore. Back in the day it was common for middle class women to save up for a fur coat (my lovely grandmother included) but not so much these days when sweatpants ad Uggs are considered a fashion statement. It seems pathetic for a bunch of 20-somethings who couldn’t afford a mink coat anyway to attack a 70-something woman because she’s wearing her 15-year-old mink that she wears to church and the symphony. Try attacking leather wearing bikers and see how long you live. I’m ambivalent about fur, but it does seem sour grapes to me, specifically attacking fur after just generally talking to people who worked in slaughterhouses. Carpets are made by children chained to looms. And all those diehard countercultural types are supporting murder and torture in Mexico by smoking marijuana

  4. I love REAL fur!!! My wife wears fur and will always wear it. She nor I will be made to feel guilty either. I hunt, wear leather, eat meat and love fur!!!

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