Michael Jackson converts to Islam


According to random news sites from the net, Michael Jackson has converted to Islam.  Nice choice.  I guess Tom Cruise wouldn’t return his calls about aliens.  I don’t wanna be startin somethin but he picked the religion that will cut that stupid glove clean off his hand if he shoplifts.  So, I’m sure they will be very tolerant of his quirky behavior.  By quirky behavior, I’m talking about molesting young boys.  The last major celebrity that converted to Islam was Mike Tyson.  He gave us my favorite quote ever during his Lennox Lewis press conference.  Tyson said, “I want to eat your children.  Praise be to Allah.”  I could care less about Michael Jackson or his religion but I will leave him with this advice.  Do not ever quote Mike Tyson while you are in Saudi Arabia.


One Response to “Michael Jackson converts to Islam”

  1. Alhamdulillah. I’ll love you mike more than before. Be a good muslim…

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