She’s Hatin’ it


You could say by the fact that I eat McDonalds once a day that I trust them with my life.  Billions of people trust that clown to deliver their daily nutrients.  Phillip and Tina Sherman took that trust to the next level.  The Arkansas couple trusted their nude photos with a guy who makes 5 bucks an hour serving fries.  Folks, don’t leave nude photos of your wife on your cell phone in McDonalds.  If you do, go back and get the phone.  The fry guy is going to do one of two things when he gets his greasy hands on your wife’s photos.  In this case, he put them on the internet and notifies he’s friends.

The Sherman family is now suing McDonalds for $3 million, which I guess is the going rate for nude photos of Arkansas housewives.  I will put this in perspective.  The cheetah girl, Adrienne Bailon, received an offer from Playboy for $100,000.  You can do the cost benefit analysis on that but I think they may be asking Mayor McCheese for a little too much.  We will keep you updated on any breaking legal news.


One Response to “She’s Hatin’ it”

  1. May I have a Mc Sherman with Cheetah, please?

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