Bush Pardons Rapper


Bush decided to end his Presidency by reaching out to the black community and reward the 12 of you who voted for him.  Yesterday, he decided to pardon rapper John Forte.  I will admit that I am not as active in the hip hop community as the Bush family.  But John Forte?  First, who the hell is John Forte?  Second, is there a worst rap name than John Forte?  Thank you Bush for helping out the community but could you maybe hook up Ghostface Killah?  I’m sure he is either in jail, on his way to jail or just getting out of jail.  How about Lil Wayne?  I’m sure he’s bound to be up for weapons or weed.  DMX is about to go down for some hard time.  Could you just issue an open ended pardon for the WuTang Clan?  Oh well, it wouldn’t be a Bush pardon if something wasn’t screwed up.

UPDATE…John Forte went to the same prestigious prep school that Bush graduated from back in the day.  Phillips Exeter Acadamy is the connection.  Can you have any less street cred than to tell your crew that you grew up hard at the Phillips Exeter Academy?


2 Responses to “Bush Pardons Rapper”

  1. Actually Bush went to Phillips Academy, better known as Andover. Exeter is Andover’s sister school and arch rival.

  2. Damn it. I always get my Ivy league prep schools confused.

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