Yes We Can OJ


Jailed at last. Jailed at Last. OJ Simpson Jailed at Last.  It took 13 years but Yes We Can.   Yes we can incarcerate you.  Yes we can entrap you.  Yes we can confine you in Las Vegas. Yes we can. OJ. Yes We Can.

Hopefully, Bush does not get confused and pardon the Juice.  It would be kind of funny if he did though.  Even better if Obama gave him a pardon on the first day of office.  Take that to those who say I’m not black enough.  You never know because Obama is up to something.  He is buying his wife a $30,000 diamond ring.  I think Kobe dropped 6 million so its probably not too bad of a deal.  You have to also consider that Rape diamonds are always over priced like in that movie.  I digress.

Anyway, I am happy for this country and happy for OJ.  I’m happy that somebody is going to make a glove fit on OJ.  I am happy that he will be able to personally cross examine an entire population of real killers.  I am happy that that he has to give his nine cent salary a day to Ron Goldman’s family.  I am happy that I will never have to hear from Fred Goldman and his stupid mustache again.  I’m happy that I will not have to hear from OJ again.  Happy Holidays.


8 Responses to “Yes We Can OJ”

  1. princessdiane Says:

    That is a damm shame I really hope his appeal works.
    Let that old case die this is something totally different. He didnt have a gun he should ahve got probation. I pray he wins his appeal. Leave this man alone pick on Robert Blake.

  2. Concerned Human Says:

    I totally agree princess, although 9 years ain’t a bad sentence for killing a couple of people.

  3. Well the incoming president should do something. That’s why the black race voted for him anyway. O.J should not languish in jail.

  4. Iam really worried about O.J’s sentence. What O.j means to us eventhough they say he is the worst person on earth . The black race is by him. Although we might not all be able to fly to America but we love him so much .And we hope his Lawyer Mr Galanter keeps struggling to forward an appeal to the supreme court soon.

  5. Well put Uwani. I don’t think the white race is behind him expect for the guy raping him who is behind him but I don’t think he really supports him in that way. Kinda like he’s in to him but really not into him if that makes sense.

  6. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… for 9 to 33 years.


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    Yes We Can OJ | Things Fat People Hate

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