When did Fox start showing gay porn?  I’m trying to watch football on Sunday and for some reason they turn from the post game show to tight end Visanthe Shiancoe’s cock.  I understand they probably do this all the time on Soccer postgame shows because they know their audience but this is American Football.  We do not want to see full frontal on NFL players.  Next time the Vikings owner wants to talk to his team after the game on live television, just do it from the viking cheerleader locker room.  You own the damn team Ziggy.  Nobody is going to complain about you delivering a pep talk to a bunch of nude cheerleaders.  We do not want to see you talking to a bunch of dudes in towels.

For you ladies and soccer fans that stumbled on this site looking for that pic of Shinacoe without his towel, I have posted his official NFL players picture from the neck up.  That is our policy here.  Go some where else for that crap.  Ladies, you owe us some pics to make it even.  Soccer fans just go away.


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