Gun Safety with Plaxico

The one question that was never answered was why did Plax have on sweat pants at an upscale New York club.  That is why his gun slipped and he shot himself when he reached for it.  Do people in the fashion mecca dress like this?  People seem to have ignored that question.  I dress nicer than that when I go to the liquor store.  I will admit that I used to wear sweatpants to the strip club for strategic purposes but I now just go with windshorts and tuck my glock in my sock.


2 Responses to “Gun Safety with Plaxico”

  1. What a logic you this is ….. I think this should not be done….that guy is quite aggressive and he shot in his conscious… i think this kinda logic doesn’t matter with Giants….. but whatever I don’t wanna see him on the field any more for sure…

  2. Ill be honest dude, if I had your job, I would be making WAY better jokes, shit talking, and mockery of these people. You leave it too short, you dont point out the obvious issues that people hate about the person, and the jokes well..theyre non existant. Just work harder on it, you have a good thing going.

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