Kentucky Fried Hot Tub


Many of you have probably already heard about the dumbass bitches that decided to take a bath in the KFC sink.  As somebody who frequents fast food joints, this has to stop.  Do they not have a health inspector in Kentucky?  I know that most in Kentucky do not have running water but still.  I’m sure there is a creek or some puddle of water for you hillbillies to wash the Colonel’s seasonings off of you.  If there is any justice in the world, the Colonel is laying his walking cane into these idiots as I type this.  At the very least the Colonel has to be disappointed with the small breast.   KFC is one place in this world that small breast should not be tolerated.


10 Responses to “Kentucky Fried Hot Tub”

  1. My friend chicken tastes like fish!

  2. The KFC was in California, jackass.

  3. Concerned Human Says:

    Then I guess they should call that shitty place CFC instead shouldn’t they?

  4. Thanks for the geography update jackass. Is your mom the one on the left or right?

  5. kevinwinterton Says:

    thinking that all KFCs must be in Kentucky… what a retard

  6. Hey Kevin, I know there are other KFC’s in the nation. You should try getting a joke once in awhile. I swear this is why the people of Kentucky should not have a computer. I may go to your hillbilly state and take back the one computer you clowns use. Keep it up and it is back to the Speak and Spell for all of you. I’m serious about this.

  7. Unbelievable. You might enjoy this:

    ….it provess that KFC exists in other countries as well as other states. Perhaps I had a lucky escape!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    hehe this is some funny shit

  9. If assuming this event took place in Kentucky was your attempt at a joke, then you have no future in comedy.

  10. KentuckyGirl Says:

    FYI, people in Kentucky have more than one computer. And for clowns? Last time I checked Clown Capital was wherever you happened to be at. Not everyone from Kentucky are hillbillies, although we do have dumb people like everyone else. I’m pretty sure Diana Sawyer, Abraham Lincoln, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Nick Lachey, and Muhammed Ali aren’t stupid hillbillies and they were born and or raised in the great state of Kentucky !

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