Welcome Back Oprah

Winfrey Weight

Don’t call it a comeback.  Did anybody doubt that she would make it back to 2 bills.  Really?  We knew you had it in you Oprah.  The diet experts, personal trainers, and Dr. Phil are not going to help you.  Just be honest and tell America what your favorite things really are.  We’ve talked about them here.  We’ve have Wendy’s, we have McDonalds, we have KFC, we have Bacon Ice Cream and the list goes on and on.

There is one question that needs to be answered.  Where does this put Oprah in the hottest women of afternoon talk?  You have Rosie, Ellen and Oprah.  You could probably throw in Dr. Phil and Judge Judy but we should just rank the Big 3.  Are women that insecure that you have to give us that choice?  Megan Fox can’t talk to celebs?  This is a serious question and I demand answers.


2 Responses to “Welcome Back Oprah”

  1. doublebacon Says:

    Yeah, but at least her boobs are bigger now!

  2. I think it all went to her ankles.

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