Bush: Shoe Matrix

EDITORS NOTE: If you do not understand American Humor or do not have your own sense of humor just watch the funny video and leave.  Do not read anything below because you will get angry with my joke.

You close one torture prison and people think they now have rights and stuff.  I’m hoping he’s getting his nuts shocked off at Abu Grab for that crap.  Hopefully, some village is not getting to see the Cowboys destroy the giants because their power is going through his ass.  I don’t want to get into Bush and politics but Muntadar al-Zaidi needs to learn some respect.  We can’t let the metro reporter from the Tikrit Times do this to our country.  Is Udey or Quesay still running around?  They’d handle up on this.  Hell, Cheney would have dropped him.  Bush looked pretty light on his feet.  He might have helped his approval rating if he did some old school ground and pound.

UPDATE: If you are now upset and angry, please view this post of the Worlds Greatest ass or this post about Megan Fox.  You will be happier.  Have a nice day.


15 Responses to “Bush: Shoe Matrix”

  1. Actually I could not understand a word of your comment, it seems like you are not educated at all and don’t know what is happening in the world. This is the least the Bush deserve. I think Bush he is the one who needs to learn some respect. His stupidity in starting wars in other country has no bases. We all lost beloved people because of the wars he created in the region. I wish he will get worse thing in his life and taste the pain of loss and losing beloved ones (if he has any).

  2. you obviously have no clue what Bush has done in the Middle East. He deserves this and more.

  3. For somebody that does not understand “a word of my comment”, you sure run your mouth endlessly. Learn subject verb agreement and we will discuss Middle East politics. I will simply it for you. Honey, keep your smelly shoes on and we will not have a problem.

  4. Mr Braintrust,

    You really do trust your brain, but please it seems you close your eyes and ears , open em, and see the world.

    If it happend such tragidic disastrers in your coutry you will not stand still , you will actuall SHOT his bastered not just throw his a pair SHOES ,

    by the way , this COWBOYS rules and knokdown the GIANT , its in your dreams,

    what happened in IRAQ is just the spark, and expect the destroying of this AMERICA legend.

    who knows, I might see you cleaning my villa toilet one day when you will come as a cheap worker for your MASTERS , the ARABS.

  5. Real American Says:

    Listen here brutha. I’ve got the red white and blue pulsating through my veins. I’m not cleaning no man’s toilets. You throw a shoe at me and I’ll put a boot in your ass.

  6. Actually, the Dallas Cowboys won last night 20-8. I saw it and it was not in my dreams. I take it you are a New York Giant fan but Eli looked terrible and got really rattled.

    Open Minded man, you do not understand American Humor and I personally instructed you not to discuss politics or Bush on my site yet you did anyway. I demand an apology for this outrage. Not to mention that nobody reads this so you wasted your time.

    No offense but you should worry about purchasing a toilet before you threaten me with cleaning it. I was offended by that as well. That was uncalled for. Maybe we can be friends. Peace be with you.

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  8. Braintrust,
    Shoes are easy.

    Consider the alternatives al-Zaidi passed up


  9. I can’t decide which is funnier – the video or all the comments by people who don’t get the joke.

    But that aside, I could watch this video a million times and still not have had enough. It’s my favourite video ever. And Bush’s skill level in ducking indicates to me that he’s done this before.

  10. You know how much he could make at carnivals? Paid Speeches are out of the question but a dunking booth could be worth millions. I still think that this is a prank.

    The comments were a bit scary. If the S&P 500 goes down another 10%, I may need to take Al-whatever up on his offer and clean his villa toilet. I kinda suck at toilet cleaning though so the joke would be on him.

  11. A DUNK TANK! Oh, my fucking god, I think you just solved the deficit problem!!! You gotta go national on this one. Email Obama immediately. Seriously. I’m really not kidding. Think of all the starving people this could help.

  12. Since you are serious and not kidding, I will bring this up with Obama. We could really do this up big and tour the nation. 10 bucks a shoe and all shoes thrown donated to the people of Kentucky. We can feed people and give them transportation. Win Win. You can take the lead on this one.

    I am really hated by Al Qaeda, citizens of Kentucky and fans of the lady with 18 kids. Joke about this group at your own risk. They won’t get the joke but they’ll get mad at you.

  13. soapboxguy Says:

    The shoe throwing is hilarious because bush deserved it. He’s humiliated
    America and thank god he’s just a sick punch line from the past.

    Now all Obama has to do to be a great president is undo all the damage the worst president this country has ever had has done.

    Bush was a joke but it’s hard to laugh because he made us all look like ignorant christian rednecks.

  14. Wow, the editor’s a bigoted retard.

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