Good Luck Tara Reid


We would like to wish Tara Reid good luck in her first rehab appearance.  Sure, it is probably ten years too late and her career is over but she can now go through life completely sober.  It has been a rough nine years for the American Pie actors.  The dumb guy had his girl abducted by Tom Cruise.  The naked girl with the bad foreign accent is going all in against Carrot Top at 3am in the morning on UPN’s “Celebrity” Poker.  The red headed girl has a tv show on some channel that nobody watches.  The other two guys couldn’t make it on Americas Most Wanted if they killed the President.  Poor Tara’s plastic surgery could not have been worse.  I would have done a better job with a jackhammer after 9 redbulls.   Why didn’t she just wait until season 2 of Celebrity Rehab?  Oh well, good luck Tara.  We wish you the best.


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