Eddie Murphy Riddler


The “internet” is reporting that Eddie Murphy is going to play the Riddler in the 2010 Batman movie.  Johnny Depp was supposed to be up for the part but I heard he signed on for Edward Scissorhands 2 which should be out around the same time.  Make sure you attribute that rumor to this site.  I am the first to break ES2.

I’m not sure what to think about Eddie.  Riddle me this.  What the hell happened to that guy over the last 15 years? Cartoons and Disney sellouts.  I never got the stupid movies where he has to play every character.  Just hire some damn actors  Eddie.  People are hungry.  I think he even played Martin Lawerence in Big Mamas House on top of Big Mama and everybody else.  So terrible.   I have a bad feeling he’s going to screw this up.  Who should play The Riddler?  Flava Flav would be good since nobody really knows what the hell he’s saying anyway.  Emmitt Smith maybe? Don’t forget Ed Werder.  I don’t know.  You tell me.


2 Responses to “Eddie Murphy Riddler”

  1. Eddies’ just trying to make a buck. Hooker trannys don’t come cheap you know.

  2. He should just date Madonna and save his 25 bucks or whatever the going rate is in LA.

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