Quincy Carter Christmas


If you are still looking for the Christmas gift for that Cowboys fan you hate, I have found the gift for you.  The NFL Shop has throwback jerseys and for $499 you can have an autographed Quincy Carter jersey that they will preserve in a frame for you to mount proudly on your wall.  At this point, I doubt QC would be caught dead in his own jersey but it is there for the taking.  Please click this link and notice that they call it Mounted Memories.  I am not making this up.  Is there any better term for the Quincy Carter Era than Mounted Memories?  Don’t gloat Eagle fans.  Donovan McNabs is 79 bucks on the same site.

Click to see this great piece of Dallas Cowboys history.

And Yes Veronda, There is a McNabb Jersey for $79


3 Responses to “Quincy Carter Christmas”

  1. And you get a dimebag with every purchase.

  2. Shut up! LOL! McNabb is not on there. That’s the funniest, but maybe not ’cause what is the funniest is that QC probably wouldn’t wear his own jersey.

  3. I think I’d rather have a QC autographed bong than his jersey.

    I edited the post to prove that McNabb’s jersey is to be had for 79 bucks. Tough week for eagle fans with the loss of the arena league and Ron Jaworski’s failed sex change operation.

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