Give it a rest lady


I would like to congratulate Michelle Duggar for having her 18th baby today but I do not think I will.  Many of you have seen this freak show on TLC’s “17 Kids and Counting”.  Now she can make it 18.   I know this is Arkansas but still.  Was eight not enough?   Cal Ripken would tell this lady’s vagina to take a day off.  Maybe we can get her uterus a 401k plan so it can retire.  As for the father Jim Bob Duggar, what are you thinking?  If you use birth control, you can hit that more than once a year.  You should never have more kids than Shawn Kemp and Eazy E combined.  You got that Jim Bob?  If David Koresh was alive today, he would be a bit creeped out about your family.  That is never a good thing.


20 Responses to “Give it a rest lady”

  1. After 18 kids he’s just a pencil in a tunnel now.

  2. sandysays1 Says:

    Gosh I sure wouldn’t want more than a couple pups, but are you saying there should be law we can’t have but so many younguns?

  3. No, I am not in anyway implying that there should be a law. I do think that the two are mentally unstable and they are bringing children in the world as a prop to add to their celebrity. They are like any other freak show. Some people have 500 tattoos while others dye their hair blue for attention. They just have as many children as they can. I hope she goes for 3 dozen. It is nothing more than a train wreck.

  4. doublebacon Says:

    Damn, can you imagine the hand-me-downs those youngest few kids are getting… How would you like to start your life wearing clothes from the 1980’s?

  5. Chubbyone Canhardley Says:

    Lady it’s a vagina not a clown car!

  6. Concerned Human Says:

    Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  7. Double Bacon…Take a look at those girls dresses. They make the Little House on the Prairie girls look like whores.

  8. Who needs this many kids? Way too many school supplies. And here’s to hoping they’re all intelligent enough to get full rides to college.

  9. The crazy thing is that they are all home schooled. Jim Bob may be the greatest salesman in history. He convinces his wife that she should have 18 kids and then convinces her to home school them. We have shut down cults in Texas that are not as crazy as that family. No joke.

  10. i think these freaks are trying to overpopulate the country by themselves. Somebody needs to stop them and there should be a law on how many kids a couple can have.

  11. Look at these comments! What a bunch of child haters our society has become.

  12. I think you are slightly missing the point there Brenda. I personally hope she has another 40 kids but others think it is child neglect.

  13. Concerned Human Says:

    I don’t hate children, I hate their fame whore parents.

  14. i dont think they are fame whore parents its just people are curious and this show, shows how they live life. i find it interesting, and more power to them in raising 18 kids. all the kids seem happy and having one more child is a blessing to each kid and the parents.

  15. Why would you want to put a law for how many children a couple can have, Brandon? As long as someone can support their family let them have as many kids as they want. Or, sure you go ahead with putting in a law restricting the amount of children people can have and the U.S. will start looking like China did 30 years ago.

  16. Concerned Human Says:

    Is there a way to limit the amount of ugly children people have? I’m just wondering…

  17. i think a couple should have as many kids and not be called wh

  18. don’t jugde peaple in there relation ship

  19. and not be called whore or horney

  20. Lover and a Hater Says:

    I don’t think that they are whores but I definately think they need to draw the line somewhere. I mean….there has a be a point in your life when you step back and say….”holy shit…we have 18 freaking kids.” I mean, it’s just too much. Don’t get my wrong, I love kids, but after that many, there is no way you can give them all the attention they need and deserve. They are humans, not freakin fish.

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