Say Hello to My Little Friend

Fatty gotta gun.  His whole belt has come undone.  Look out.  Normally when fatty will go ahead and make his day, it involves eating fistful of McDoubles.   This guy takes it to another level.  I ‘m not sure if he’s using proper form or can just barely extend his arms past his gut but he’s not letting anybody take his McDoubles.   You want to take his McDonalds? The only way you will take it is from his cold fat fingers.  Do you feel lucky punk?


3 Responses to “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

  1. doublebacon Says:

    I think its actually an AK-47. Due to the size of this guy it only appears to be as small of a pistol.

  2. Hotdog Neck Says:

    im pretty sure its a water pistol. his jelly body just cant handle the recoil as well as a normal-sized person does.

  3. Abner Lubenstein Says:

    I would not want to be the one working the drive-thru window when he figures out that he only has 3 biggie fries in his bag to go with his 4 biggie combo meals when he gets home!!!!

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