Slash and Chinese Democracy

madonna 191208

I know this is a bit late but after the success of my Holiday Movie Review, I have decided to review the new Guns N Roses CD.  The first thing that comes to mind is that it is not the same without Slash.  I never could get by the fact that Slash is not on guitar.  As you can see from the picture above, the rock n roll lifestyle was rough on him.  Slash danced way too long with Mr. Brownstone and he looks like hell.  Just look at the guy.  It is sad.  Without Slash, Chinese Democracy is not Guns N Roses.  I listened to a few tracks and was not get hooked.  I never felt like I was in the jungle and sometimes felt like I was gonna die.  It was more of a solo album that lacked the edge that was GNR.  Pretty Average.


7 Responses to “Slash and Chinese Democracy”

  1. Concerned Human Says:

    I demand that you remove that picture immediatly, its not funny to make fun of guys with cancer…

  2. Slash does not have cancer to my knowledge. It looks like he dyed his hair blonde and is doing roids.

  3. Concerned Human Says:

    Sure looks like the dude in that picture has something wrong with him.

  4. I feel sad because his top-hat shrunk and the black dye and glitz have worn off.

  5. Isn’t that Madonna?

  6. You ARE stating the obvious, right, Hattie? 😛

  7. was this trying to be funny? Slash achieved more than what you could ever do in a fraction of your life. Lay off and have more respect for the man.

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