Ay dios mio


This is one of the few times that you will be disappointed to hear the words stripped and Mexican beauty queen in the same sentence.  I am a bit confused on this one.  Mexico stripped the crown from Laura Zuniga for drug trafficking.  This is like South Carolina taking the title from Ms. South Carolina because she cannot read or Ms. Kentucky losing her crown because she cannot spell.  It blows my mind that Mexico takes such drastic measures.  Is drug running not part of the talent portion of the show?  You would think that drug running, muling and kidnapping would be a major player in any talent competition for the Ms Mexico pageant.  Not sure what the world is coming to these days.  On a positive note, I will now make Ms. Zuniga my exclusive dealer.  She would make my life a whole lot easier if she would make house calls and leave her vatos back in Mexico.


5 Responses to “Ay dios mio”

  1. Law abiding American Says:

    What? Stripping someone of a title for breaking the law is not confusing. What is confusing is why there is even a Ms. Hispanic America….

  2. What Would Franko Do Says:


  3. I think you may be confusing me about being confused about confusing the United States of America with South America, Central America and the term Latin America with Hispanic America. As a law abiding American you are probably in favor of a trial before presuming her guilt. She may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way she looks hot in the lineup pic. That shouldn’t confuse you.

  4. Concerned Human Says:

    Did someone say stripping?

  5. What are the odds that she was strip searched? I know I would have to fully search her everyday to be on the safe side as a Law Abiding American. Dude has a point.

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