Dude’s a Tripp


We have more breaking baby news for our readers.  Last week we gave you the exclusive baby pictures of the crazy lady that had a few dozen kids on purpose.  (Keep your comments coming)  Today, I am announcing that Levi Johnston, which is a great name for chewing tobacco or Whiskey, and Bristol Palin had the baby.  It was a 7lb boy who they named David.  Or did they?   Of course they did not name him anything normal.  Why would you?  He is going to be known as Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnson.  I was hoping for an Eskimo name but they gave it a somewhat normal name considering everything.  Would have made my year if they named him Eskimo Joe, Camero, Federline or even Barack.  Oh well.  We wish the family well and keep the comments classy on this one.  I feel like People magazine.  Maybe we will give you the exclusive baby photos later.


3 Responses to “Dude’s a Tripp”

  1. Concerned Human Says:

    Does no one see the genius in Tripp Johnson?

  2. What i don’t get is that she may make up to 300k on the baby pics. “i don’t believe in pre-marriatal sex but i will make 5 times what your family makes in a year cause i squirt out a kid”.

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