Take Note Romo

I am really too pissed off to deal with anything tonight and would rather quit just like the Cowboys.  However, I am not a loser.  I brought in Youtube Sports Demonstration sensation Kige Ramsey to show Tony Romo how to properly play quarterback.   Kige actually grips the ball without fumbling it on the ground.  He then drops back and throws it a good 7 yards downfield.  You do not see Ed Reed or some Philly scrub running with the ball the other way while he looks at the camera.  Kige does not one hop a two yard out on 3rd and 1.  He just drops back and throws the ball properly.  It is not that hard Romo.

Comments are closed to all female St. Louis Rams fans and Al-Qaeda members.


4 Responses to “Take Note Romo”

  1. Concerned Human Says:

    How much would it take to get Kige in here to QB the cowboys? It would be better than the alternative.

  2. Comments are closed to all female St. Louis Rams fans and Al-Qaeda members.

    These two things are really one in the same. Notice you did not receive any emails from me. I decided to be nice and allow the sting to pass first.

  3. What Would Franko Do Says:

    I understand that being a fan of an NFL team, means that I will probably end most seasons disapointed, and feeling empty after the final loss of the season…….BUT COME ON!!!!!!!! That was so freaking over at the half, that team quit as soon as the first Eagle laid a lick. Wade didn’t seem to mind after the most embarrasing loss of the franchise’s history, Romo didn’t seem to care too much, shit Jerry was the only one who showed the kind of bitter emotion that all Cowboys fans feel right now. So over this right now, it just keeps ruining my day every time I start thinking about it…..just like the weird pumps on my business………..

  4. DC – Let’s see. Comments closed to all female Rams fans and who appeared on the second comment. I did notice I did not receive any emails from you which was part of your sinister plan to make me think about it a day later after I let it die down. Plus you ruined Franko’s day.

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