2008 Entertainer of the Year


It is time for our first annual 2008 Year End Awards.  Can you have an annual 2008 Year End Awards?  Does this mean that we will have a 2008 Year End Awards in 2009 and beyond?  I have no idea but here we go.  This year was a great year in the entertainment world.  I have narrowed the field down to four entertainers.   They are in no particular order:

  1. Heath Ledger – The guy went from being the butt of jokes literally to putting together one of the greatest acting jobs in the last 50 years.  He was so good that I question whether the Batman franchise will move on without him.
  2. Tina Fey – She will get all of the attention for the Palin impressions on SNL.  I am giving her this nomination based upon her show 30 Rock.  Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are great and this show is really underrated.
  3. Angelica Carrera – Many of you know this exotic beauty from her modeling and club hosting.  Her dancing is very respected in the hip hop community which I represent as you probably know.
  4. Lil Wayne – Dude is up for 8 Grammys and has not been shot yet this year.  He was also arrested for weed, coke and X.  Great year for him.

And the winner goes to….

Angelica Carrera for giving me an excuse to post this youtube video.  You will be more entertained in this 72 seconds than in Tina Feys overhyped Palin, Ledger’s Joker or Lil Wayne’s rapping.  Enjoy.


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