Get Off My Lawn


Now that the NFL season is over (fing Cowboys),  I have decided to look forward to other sporting events.  I just realized that the NHL is still in business by the fact that they will conduct a game at Wrigley Field this Thursday.  I love Canada.  I like George St. Pierre as middleweight champ.  But let’s be honest here, hockey is nothing more than soccer on ice.  You skate around for a few hours and most likely end in a tie.  You give us last names without vowels that end in X that we cannot pronounce.  You give us the term Hockey Moms which is moronic.  You give us fights in which nobody gets knocked unconscious.  I have seen Jr. High girls end fights better then your figure skaters.  I like Canada, Detroit and Chicago but please keep that crap to yourself just as the south should do with Nascar and Europe should do with soccer.  It is going to suck when the Calgary Flamers move to a place like Albuquerque, New Mexico.  You know it is going to happen.  Keep that stuff up there.  I live 15 miles from a team that won a Stanley cup a few years ago and nobody here cares.  Do not get mad or blame me.  I am actually supporting the hockey fan on this one.  Having teams in Disney World and North Carolina ends your sport.  Leave Wrigley out of this and do not tear up the infield with your game.  Go Cubs Go.


10 Responses to “Get Off My Lawn”

  1. I’m still waiting for one of the hockey players to take their skate off and try to stab someone with it.

  2. Concerned Human Says:

    It disturbs me that you are waiting for that….

  3. Richard Zednik Says:

    um….Hey DC….remember this…( Yeah, that’s me! You ma’am need help.

  4. Technically, she said TRY to stab somebody. So you two babies can go back to hugging each other. If they dropped the gloves and took off the skates, they might make it to a network or sports channel. I think they are on Lifetime right now.

  5. I did say TRY which no one has yet.

    And Zednik is clearly not a qualified hockey player. Any real hockey player would have busted a matrix style move and avoided the throat slashing or been a real man and allowed himself to get decapitated. That would’ve been a game worth watching.

  6. If I had to sit through every game of a hockey season, I would dive throat first for somebody’s blades.

  7. Concerned Human Says:

    “been a real man and allowed himself to get decapitated”

    Genius, no less disturbing but genius.

  8. I think she was making a Happy Gilmore reference. Either way it did happen as some soccer player brought a chainsaw. Didn’t make the news because it was soccer but it did happen.

  9. Dont cheer for losing teams Says:

    Best use of Wrigley stadium in the last 100 years…..maybe next year they can have the winter classic at the cowboys new stadium…….we all know that they wont need it after december.

  10. Tough to argue with your point. I won’t bandwagon teams though. I did watch the hockey game for about 45 seconds before I grew bored like the rest of America. They should gimmic it up even more next year and I’ll watch for 90 seconds. I’d like for them to blind fold all but one player on each team.

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