New UFC Ring Girl


Enough about hockey.  Let’s get back to sports.  There is a bit of controversy surrounding the new ring girl for the UFC.  The ring girl is very important as it balances out the fact that you are watching two guys in shorts roll around on the ground together for long periods of time.  Sure they are beating the crap out of each other but it does get awkward to hear the terms rear naked choke and full mount yelled out by one of the other 50 dudes watching this with you.  The ring girl allows you to watch a nice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu display without being homo.  Here is the controversy.  Many of the UFC fans are not feeling this girl.  She is a throwback to the days when the cost of breast implants exceeded a 19 year old girl’s credit limit.  I personally think she will be fine and like her look.  America is certainly divided.  Is Vegas ready for a girl like this?  Right now, she is the Jackie Robinson of 2008 ring girls.  I think the over under for her getting implants is 3 months.  Any takers?  Should she?  This is a serious discussion.  Let’s keep this professional.


4 Responses to “New UFC Ring Girl”

  1. Who in the world could not love a hot cute flat chested 18 year old?!?!?!?!?

    I too, agree she would be much better suited with hot PORN tits, but we could always take up an offering? I am in for a nut and 5 bucks…

  2. Concerned Human Says:

    Thank you for your bravery in bringing this to the attention of the American people.

    If I wanted to stare at a 13 year old boy in a bikini I would call the Jonas Brothers. This is the UFC damn it, get Denise Milani out there.

  3. What the hell is wrong with you. You look at that and think 13 year old or Jonas brother? She looks good enough for me. I’d knock that silly.

  4. I’ve got to be honest, while I was watching UFC 92 she was so stunningly beautiful I didn’t even notice the lack of breastage.

    I’d still take Arianny though, yum.

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