2008 Musical Performance of the Year

We are moving on to the 2008 Musical Performance of the Year.  It was not a great year for music but I managed to find a few acts who did better then the rest.  Here are the nominees.

  1. ColdplayViva La Vida.  Not a big fan of this song.  I think it was because I like Ricky Martin’s Living La Vida Loca better.
  2. Lil’ WayneMrs. Officer.  Great sequel to the NWA song.  Nice to hear a romantic rap that does not involve a 187 on a lady cop.
  3. Will.I.AmYes We Can.  Genius song to put Obama’s speech to music.  Almost as eloquent as Toby Keith’s We’ll put a boot in your ass song.
  4. Hall & OatesShe’s Gone.  Title pretty much sums  it up for you.  I’m not sure if she left Hall, Oates or both but she’s probably not coming back.

And the 2008 Musical Performance of the Year goes to………

Hall & Oates.  This video is something that you need to see.  I have analyzed this frame by frame like the Zapruder film.  Hall is higher than a giraffes’ testicle and has no idea that he may want to put some effort into lip syncing.  He actually smokes during his “singing”.  Oates is dressed in a Chippendale’s outfit for no reason.  The choreography consists of a woman walking across the stage followed by a devil a few seconds later.  They both keep forgetting that the devil cues them to throw fake money.  The budget for this entire video could not have been more than 14 bucks which includes the smokes.    Words cannot describe how great this is.  Enjoy.


One Response to “2008 Musical Performance of the Year”

  1. That video makes me so hot.

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