2008 Hamburger of the Year


Its time that we recognize those that had the courage to take the hamburger further than the normal 3 patties and 8 pieces of bacon that most of us enjoy as a pre dinner snack.  Here are the nominees for the best hamburger of 2008.

1. Australia’s Hungry Jack : Quad Stack– Apparently the Australians are good for something other than Elle Macpherson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  4 patties, 4 pieces of cheese, bacon 71g of fat….and pure love.

2. Hardee’s Thickburger – From the company that brought us Paris Hilton in a bikini cleaning a car, which I think is exactly where she should stay, we have the Thickburger.  Two things set this beast apart from other burgers.  “Butter Flavored Shortening”  and Hardee’s CEO quote “This isn’t a burger for tree huggers”  God bless you Hardee’s

3. The Krispy Kreme Burger –As I type this I just got a tear in my eye.  Whoever decided to take a bacon cheeseburger and slap it between two Krispy Kreme donuts maybe the American of the year.  Some may say this is over the top, I say this is why God invented heart transplants.

And the winner is…………….The Krispy Kreme Burger

I can see it now…”Shit! the bun got soggy on the way home from Jack in the Box, I knew I should have gone ahead and eaten the third Ultimate Cheeseburger in the car.  Wait a minute…I still have that box of donuts I stole from work on Friday.  Eureka! “


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