2008 Trainwreck of the Year

We would like to take this time to thank drugs, alcohol, stupidity, and mental illness for giving us the trainwrecks that we want to see.  This year’s field really went above and beyond for our entertainment.  Surprisingly, Tom Cruise, Brittany Spears and Pac Man Jones did not make the list.  Here are our Nominees for 2008 Trainwreck of the Year:

  1. Kathy Griffin – You spent how much in plastic surgery to look like the prop comic?  Could you not have asked for the Megan Fox face?  She makes the list for her hacky comic comeback on live CNN.  She makes news by using a comeback that Carlos Mencia wouldn’t steal.
  2. Amy Winehouse – Let the girl enjoy her crack.  She has found something she loves and people should leave her alone.  I’m the first blogger ever not to insert a Rehab reference in regards to Amy.  We look forward to 2009.
  3. Gary Busey – Can somebody tell me why he does not have a reality show?  Most people do not have the longevity it takes to reach the Busey level.   Brittney tried but just couldn’t pull it off.  Keep it coming Busey.
  4. Jake The Snake Roberts – How is this guy still alive?  The Snake proves that you can do as much coke, heroin, meth and crack as humanly possible and still wrestle in Jr. High gyms at 53.  His Youtube clip in September reinforced his standing as America’s Sweetheart.

The Winner of the 2008 Trainwreck of the year is…..

Gary Busey.  I’m not sure if it is drugs, mental illness or not wearing a helmet but he takes this baby home.  When you check into Celebrity Rehab and have Jeff Conway say you are not right, then you are a winner in my book.  Here is Gary Busey at the 2008 Grammy’s.


One Response to “2008 Trainwreck of the Year”

  1. doublebacon Says:

    Great choice. I ran into Gary at an In-N-Out burger in Cali. He was sitting on top of a high chair eating a kids meal. Love me some Gary…

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