2008 TV Show of the Year

Back to our 2008 Year End Awards.  We have already awarded the 2008 Cooking Show of the Year and I am not going to give you the TV Show of the Year.  I would like to welcome anybody without basic cable to a new world.  There is more to television programming than CSI on every network.  I can assure you that you will not see an autopsy on any of the 2008 nominees.

  1. The Wire – Many of you do not understand the ghetto which means that this show may confuse you.  I have found that the ghetto drug dealers beat the big city crack prices.  The Wire allows you to converse with the “shot callas”  without sounding like you are from the suburbs.  This is HBO’s best show period.
  2. The Shield – This is by far my favorite cop show.  Where else can you see a 5’2 bald tough guy regulating the streets of LA.  The Shield writers tossed the scripted cop show format and gave you something unique for 7 years.  Hard to believe this was on cable and not HBO.
  3. Buona Dominca – America gives us Rosie O’Donnell variety shows (Click here) while Italy gives us Sara Varone.  I do not speak Italian so I have no idea what the hell they are talking about but the beauty of the show is that you do not need to know what the hell they are saying.
  4. Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The best comedy show on TV by far.  Do not let the word Philadelphia in the title discourage you.  Yes it is about losers and yes the people are terrible but it works.  If you are not watching this, you deserve another decade of Friends.

And the winner is……
Buona Dominca.  This was a tough call.  I love all of these shows but Sara Varone makes this Youtube friendly.  Here is a nice clip of her on a surfboard machine and tiny dress.  The NBC equivalent would be Rosie on a forklift.  This why Italy is light years ahead of us.  Enjoy.


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