2008 Marriage Proposal of the Year

I have attended thousands of sporting events over the years.  I will a accept the over priced tickets, $20 parking and the fact that the 12oz beer that I downed out of the wax cup cost me $9.   The one thing that I will not accept is the douchebag that uses a break in action to propose to his girlfriend.  It was original the first time.  We do not need you to profess your love during a 20 second time out.

The 2008 Marriage Proposal of the Year will hopefully put an end to this trend.   I love how the girl rejects this clown like she’s Akeem Olajawon in his prime.  I’m guessing she dis not want her marriage proposal to come with the stench of Dikembe Mutombo in the air.  Let this be a lesson.  Leave me out of your marriage proposals and you will not have Tracy McGrady laughing at you or have to be consoled by the team mascot.


3 Responses to “2008 Marriage Proposal of the Year”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It was a promotions trick…its a fake proposal.

  2. Countrywide VP Says:

    That is what she told me too…..9 years later we have 4 kids and a second mortgage…..damn you Countrywide for you marketing campaign!!!

  3. Omg…so many things to love here! Where to begin!??!

    – The look on her face
    – The commentators’ blase attitude: “O hai look itz another marriage proposal…”
    – The laughter of the commentators after the dis
    – The laughter of the super-rich, super-hot, super-talented, never-had-problems-getting-a-chick player after the dis
    – The shame-run off the court with the mascot gazing helplessly in the background
    – The desperate clutching of the nine-dollar beer in a plastic cup by the dissed after the dis

    I mean…I’m smiling so hard right now. Idiot. What did he expect? Chick was only pretending she liked going to sports events so she could get laid, anyway.

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