USC Trojans


I am not in any way a USC fan.  That being said.  Why would any player not want to go there?  You get to live like a king in LA, get away with murder, win 11 games a year and bang Paris Hilton if you feel like it.  Otherwise, you can just pick out any wannabe actress, model or student.  Do you really think Mark Sanchez would land that girl above if he chose Nebraska or Penn State?  You can ask any Chicago Bears receiver if they would rather play for USC or have Kyle Orton one hop passes to them in 14 degree weather and I promise you they’d choose USC.  If I could name a Bear receiver, I would ask him.

H8torade has the video to prove my point.  Rey Maualuga does some kind of Haka sex grind on the ass of Erin Andrews in front of the entire Rose Bowl crowd.  Where else can you get away with that?

Click here for the video.


2 Responses to “USC Trojans”

  1. Yeah pretty much would rock

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