I have a video clip of Fighter A ripping the sweater off of Fighter B, who then mounts Fighter A and slaps Fighter A until they pull Fighter B off of Fighter A.   You are probably a bit turned on and can’t wait to watch this.  What do you think you will see:

  1. Two girls going at during the finals of The Flava of Love
  2. Louisiana girls going wild over some 15 cent beads
  3. Old footage from Kobe Bryant’s’ prom night
  4. A NHL fight between some guy named Semen and Mark Staal

If you said Hockey fight you are correct.  These two fruits never should have dropped their mittens.  I do not want another email or comment from any NHL fan telling me how tough these guys are compared to whatever sport.  I thought I was too hard on the NHL (Click Here) but these tough guys proved my point.  There is a very thin line between male figure skating and hockey.  How do you lose to a guy slapping you anyway? Clay Aiken would end both of them.  Happy Gilmore would have beheaded them but they went with the open handed slap.  Here is the video.  Enjoy.


3 Responses to “Slapticuffs”

  1. I’ve seen better fights between paraplegic retards.

  2. Are these sanctioned fights that you attend or underground fights like the Kumite?

  3. He thought he was a UFC fighter and that he could do hammer fists, give him a break, he’s mentally challenged.

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