Fat Mike Tyson


What the hell?  When did this happen?  I know the guy lost about a half billion dollars but surely he did not eat it.  Mike Tyson faught for the heavy weight championship of the world five years ago and now he is nothing more than a heavy bag.  I am neither a nutritionist nor a psychologist, but can somebody prescribe Iron Mike some Diet Prozac.  How many carbs are in Ritalin?  Is he taking the chocolate covered Paxil?  Unless he is in training for an eating contest, dude needs to get in his road work and maybe work in a situp.

Final note for Mike Tyson.  Please do not take this the wrong way.  If you do get angry and want to find me, I always wear either my Eli Manning Jersey or my Philadelphia Eagles shirt.  I also always wear my Yankee cap.  If it is backwards, then it means I want to throw down.  If you see me, feel free to try me.  Bring it Fatty.


22 Responses to “Fat Mike Tyson”

  1. I’m guessing ol’ Iron Mike ate one too many babies or ears with sides of fava beans and nice chianti. Pretty sad.

  2. lol hilarious blog

  3. he could still unhinge your jaw in one punch.

  4. Ugh! He could have been somebody… he could have been a contender.

  5. […] Fat Mike Tyson What the hell?  When did this happen?  I know the guy lost about a half billion dollars but surely he did not eat […] […]

  6. Age it seems makes everyone gain weight. I have seen a lot of famous people just put on the pounds as they age.

  7. Fat and all he still could kick all our collective asses and bite our ears in the process

  8. I’ll bet it’s all those anti-psychotic meds they put him on.

  9. He wanted to take steroids to boost his strength but took the ones that make you gain weight?

  10. nearlynormalized Says:

    He looks like Charles Barkley’s cousin…Couch potatoes at the best.

  11. LOL, this is hilarious! Can that seriously really be Mike Tyson? Or did that guy eat Mike Tyson?

  12. Ya know at one time mike achieved a great status and was quite a talent. He made history, both good and bad,Maybe we need to ask God to guide mike as we ask him to guide ourselves tonight.peace

  13. Looks like he finished off the rest of Evander!  Yeah, not funny.

  14. Concerned Human Says:

    I think we need to ask God to not guide him to the refrigerator for his own sake. One more baconater and he is the black Butterbean.

  15. aquariuszebra Says:

    Wow, I never heard about this. Surely it must be the work of ‘Photoshop’? He can’t be that big?!

  16. Ears have a lot of calories.

  17. Thas juhst Loodachris!!*spits*

  18. What a turd that guy is!

  19. I still love you Mike.

  20. DAVE KLEDT Says:


  21. to comment..in TYSON words…

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