Man Arrested for Selling Daughter


What do you get for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat?  If you are 18-year-old Margarito de Jesus Galindo, you just bought the 14 year old daughter of 36-year-old Marcelino de Jesus Martinez.  Unfortunately for Galindo, the transaction went down in Greenfield, California where they tend to frown on things such as underage marriage, statutory rape and human trafficking.  The police were called when Martinez did not get his cash and prizes.  That is right.  Martinez called the police himself to complain that he wanted his daughter back when he did not get his payment.  The police actually admitted this goes on all the time in Greenfield.

Editors Note:  I realize this is Selma Hayek and it has nothing to do with the story.  Or does it?  No, I am trying to put a positive spin on this story.


6 Responses to “Man Arrested for Selling Daughter”

  1. damn…that is such a finely developed, well rounded post you have here

  2. near greenfield Says:

    I used to live a couple of miles from Greenfield i can assure what actually happened was something more like the girl wanted to marry the guy and the dad gave his permission only in exchange for cash or so on. A lot of the girls in that area are married or have children before highschool, some as early as 13, 14, 15. They two teens would have runaway together if the dad hadn’t given permission. Also the CNN story mentions that the girl went willingly.

  3. hey greenfield Says:

    What are you talking about… there a story underneath that picture that is so great it made Clay Aiken cry like a baby? I see no words….all I see is proof that God loves us!!!

  4. I live here in Greenfield and it seems that i know some things about this man who was arrested. I think that all of what was happening or all what was in the newspaper or in the news was misunderstood. I was there when this happened. At the moment when Galindo Keepnap the girl, Marcelino called the police to reports that someone keepnap his dauther. He did not change those 16,000 for his dauther. Another reason is that the Galindo’s parents offered money to Marcelino for his dauther, but his did not accepted.

  5. SLM

  6. fuck him

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