Taco Bell Wedding


We have a new frontrunner for the 2009 Man of the Year.  Meet Paul Brooks, a 30 year old professional videographer, who may have pulled off the greatest wedding ever.   Paul met 21 year old Australian Caragh Brooks through an internet dating service and within 6 months brought her to Normal, Illinois.  That in itself is a huge feat.  Think about it.  You videotape people for a living in a Midwest town of 50,000 people and somehow land a hot 21 year old blond from Australia.  Just the fact that she does not have that annoying Midwest accent is a score itself.  He is then able to convince this girl to marry him once she arrives.  Life just cannot get better for that guy.

Most people would be happy just with landing a hot 21 year old.  Paul takes this to the next level.  He convinces this girl to marry him at a freaking Taco Bell.  She buys a dress for $15 and they buy their rings for $80.  Taco Bell being Taco Bell still charged people for their cheap crap but the entire wedding cost him under $200.  Think about this when your fiance wants you to write a check for 25 large this June.

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3 Responses to “Taco Bell Wedding”

  1. That is awesome. How he landed that woman blows my mind, but how he got her to marry him in a Taco Bell? Speechless.

  2. I would love to flip through those wedding pictures ! Can you imagine telling your grandkids, even kids for that matter, that you said your vows at Taco Bell??!! Would the couple be ok with their future kids wanting to get married at McDonald’s? That may be a little too classy!

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